Cyber Risk Analytics Overview

Security Ratings and Data Breach Intelligence

The escalating number of data breaches has reached Board-level concern for businesses. The risk of a data breach compounds exponentially when factoring in data sharing with a growing number of third parties supporting your supply chain. Are your vendors protecting your data? Do you know the most likely internal risks to your data? Can you prove it?

“The Cyber Risk Analytics data breach tool has been very helpful in identifying what information was compromised in a particular breach. We are able to take proactive steps to help protect our customers from further risk.”

– EZShield, Client Support Manager

You Need Better Data to Make the Right Decisions

Cyber Risk Analytics® (CRA) provides security risk scoring for the organizations that make up your supply chain. Risk Based Security’s (RBS) proprietary research methods combine automated data gathering with data breach research to provide a complete picture of an organization’s risk posture. Our security scores are presented in an easy-to-understand Five-Star scale and are backed-up by a comprehensive analysis of the raw data. Our propriety data breach research goes beyond external security indicators to the details of each data loss incident. CRA provides the security intelligence you need to address points of risk across your organization—from vendor due diligence and risk management to internal strategies for implementing the right security controls for your environment

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