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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    Detection, Isolation, and Negotiation: Improving Your Ransomware Preparedness and Response
    The risks presented by ransomware and cyber extortion events have likely found a place in your own security ...
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    Current events
    Killnet, Kaliningrad, and Lithuania’s Transport Standoff With Russia
    Blogs Blog Killnet, Kaliningrad, and Lithuania’s Transport Standoff With Russia Russian cyber collective ...
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    Corporate & Physical Security
    Skimming, Shimming, and Threat Intel: The Relevance of Physical Fraud in Today’s Threat Landscape 
    Attacks on ATMs and other physical payment-related devices, like point-of-sale (POS) terminals, have long been ...
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    Vulnerability Management
    Hackers Are Still Exploiting Log4Shell Vulnerability, Warns CISA
    Yesterday, CISA and US Coast Guard Cyber Command (CGCYBER) warned that nation-state hackers are still exploiting ...
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    Vulnerability management
    Patch Tuesday Isn’t Ending. Here’s What Microsoft is Saying
    According to Microsoft, Patch Tuesday will continue in July 2022 and the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, ...
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    Current events
    Biden Signs State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act Into Law; Establishes Rotational Cyber Workforce
    Blogs Blog Biden Signs State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act Into Law; Establishes Rotational Cyber ...
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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    Why Every Business Should Have Threat Intelligence
    Threat intelligence is an essential component to any organization’s risk-remediation and security program. ...
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    Product features
    Protect Your Customer Base From Fraud and Account Takeover (ATO) With CCM-C
    It’s imperative for organizations to have a plan for proactively preventing customer fraud and account takeover ...
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    Vulnerability Management
    China is Exploiting Network Providers and Devices, Says US Cybersecurity Advisory
    On June 7, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), ...
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    Current events
    US Seizes SSNDOB Market, Which Sold PII of 24 Million People
    The DOJs takedown of SSNDOB is the latest in a series of seizures of illicit marketplaces, forums, and shops, ...
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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    After Hydra: Telegram, Cash-out Services, Decentralization, and a Slew of Struggling Alternatives
    The fight between various marketplaces for their place under the sun demonstrates the significance of Hydra in ...
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    Flashpoint at PyCon 2022: Team Building, Plus 4 Essential Talks
    Last month, a number of Flashpointers attended PyCon 2022 in Salt Lake City to level up our Python programming ...
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