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    Court documents
    COURT DOC: U.S. and U.K. Disrupt LockBit Ransomware Variant
    The Department of Justice joined the United Kingdom and international law enforcement partners in London today to ...
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    Product features
    Announcing Integrated AI in Echosec: Surfacing Actionable Intelligence Faster
    Flashpoint is pleased to announce major enhancements to Echosec—our geospatial open-source intelligence ...
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    Court documents
    COURT DOC: Foreign National Pleads Guilty to Role in Cybercrime Schemes Involving Tens of Millions of Dollars in Losses
    A Ukrainian national pleaded guilty today to his role in two separate and wide-ranging malware schemes involving ...
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    Court documents
    COURT DOC: Justice Department Conducts Court-Authorized Disruption of Botnet Controlled by the Russian Federation’s Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (GRU)
    A January 2024 court-authorized operation has neutralized a network of hundreds of small office/home office ...
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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    The Emerging Threat of PikaBot Malware
    Flashpoint analysts have been observing a steady emergence of PikaBot, as well as a continuous modification of ...
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    Court documents
    COURT DOC: U.S. Government Disrupts Botnet People’s Republic of China Used to Conceal Hacking of Critical Infrastructure
    A December 2023 court-authorized operation has disrupted a botnet of hundreds of U.S.-based small office/home ...
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    Court documents
    COURT DOC: Two Russian Nationals Charged in Separate Indictments with Fraud and Other Offenses Related to Hacking Campaigns
    Two indictments were unsealed charging two Russian nationals – Aleksey Timofeyevich Stroganov and Tim Stigal ...
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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    Webinar Recap: Four Key Takeaways from ‘Think Like a Threat Actor: How to Mitigate Executive Risks’
    Flashpoint recently hosted a webinar detailing this evolving executive risk landscape. The session offered ...
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    Cyber Threat Intelligence
    The Evolution and Rise of Stealer Malware
    Threat actors are increasingly selling and purchasing information-stealing malware on illicit marketplaces. Learn ...
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    CEO Forecast: Navigating the 2024 Cyber Threat Landscape
    Flashpoint CEO Josh Lefkowitz offers a view of the anticipated cyber threats for 2024.
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    Court documents
    COURT DOC: Justice Department Disrupts Prolific ALPHV/Blackcat Ransomware Variant
    The Justice Department announced today a disruption campaign against the Blackcat ransomware group — also known ...
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    Cyber threat intelligence
    ALPHV’s Downfall? The 2023 Crackdown on BlackCat Ransomware
    Exploring the impact of ALPHVs ransomware blog takedown by law enforcement and its impact on the greater cyber ...
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