Suppress corporate data theft

Leveraging Flashpoint’s data and collections, Financial Services customers are able to discover identity fraud, data theft, and data penetration attempts. Armed with timely threat intelligence and advanced knowledge of adversaries’ motivations and techniques, teams can build a more proactive and effective security posture and limit further exposure.

Prevent insider threats

Flashpoint’s unparalleled access to online illicit communities provides visibility and quick detection of insider threats in the forums and marketplaces where IP is bought and sold. Uncovering these potential threats in a timely manner allows teams to take action before the damage occurs.

Proactively stop card fraud

Flashpoint’s intelligence from online illicit communities frequently uncovers threat actors’ tactics, techniques, and procedures, in particular as it pertains to fraud. Utilizing these insights allows organizations to adjust their anti-fraud measures accordingly and address the threat of fraudulent purchases and the potential for economic and reputational damage.

Combat Ransomware

Flashpoint’s extensive coverage and exclusive access to online illicit communities enable regular monitoring of emerging ransomware campaigns, actors, and threats. Leveraging this intelligence to combat ransomware before it is deployed is key to maintaining business continuity and protecting the organization.

“Historically, security was a process inhibitor. Now, we walk arm-in-arm with the business. I want them to make money, but I want them to be secure and not incur financial breakage. We want to avoid bad business arrangements and that is what Flashpoint helps us do.”

-Artea Evans, Information Security Specialist at AXA XL

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