Superior data, human expertise, and relevant analysis

Flashpoint CTI seamlessly integrates automated data collection with human analyst expertise, to deliver a precise understanding of fast-evolving threat landscapes spanning breach, fraud, identity, technical, and vulnerability domains. Flashpoint CTI is intuitive, context-aware, and lightning-fast, fueling streamlined operations and decisive action against emerging threats in critical moments.

Unrivaled visibility and early detection

Access our deep reservoir of proprietary data and intelligence to identify emerging threats, track malicious actors, and uncover early warning signs before they escalate into full-blown attacks.

Maximize efficiency and extend capabilities

Leverage integrated AI, automated threat actor insights, advanced search and alerting, coupled with expert insights, to help you cut through the noise and focus on critical threats. Alleviate the strain on your time, resources, and skills, with one-click access to Flashpoint’s expert intelligence team.

Tailored insights for prediction and response

Insights directly relevant to your organization’s specific needs and characteristics.  Actively monitor emerging threats and receive real-time updates so you can make timely decisions based on changes impacting your organization.

Helping you solve the most critical cyber challenges

Situational awareness of the evolving threat landscape

Gain comprehensive monitoring of threat actors, groups, TTPs, malware, and IOCs. Understand the evolving threat landscape, empower informed decisions, resource allocation and proactive threat mitigation.

Combat financial, card and payment fraud

Identify compromised credit cards by monitoring illicit communities, card shops, and data breaches. You can search for fraudulent credit card use across your customer base and transactions, ensuring swift detection and prevention of financial losses.

Early detection and insights into ransomware operations

See the early signs of a ransomware attack and keep tabs on trends from community chatter, IOCs, and threat actor TTPs to take action before extortion occurs and protect your critical systems.

Guard your credentials and prevent account takeovers

Search and monitor our collections for compromised enterprise accounts, passwords, domains and data stolen from infostealers. This allows you to identify potential breaches and prevent unauthorized access to confidential information, mitigating external attacks.

Gain a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities

Arm security teams across your organization with the contextual intelligence needed to effectively identify, prioritize, and remediate the vulnerabilities most likely to have an impact on your business.

Safeguard your reputation online

Monitor domains, logos, social media, and mobile apps for instances of brand abuse, impersonations, and malicious content. This allows you to proactively protect your brand reputation, prioritize takedowns of malicious content, and safeguard your customers from online threats.

I sleep a lot better knowing Flashpoint is covering the deep, dark and surface web for us.”

Global Security team at a technology manufacturer and retailer

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