Detect and take action against fraud risk

Fraudsters move fast, and traditional methods often leave you one step behind. Cybercriminals exploit different platforms to engage in illicit activities such as making unauthorized transactions using stolen credit cards, selling account login information, and buying services using stolen cards. These threats not only result in monetary loss but also damage an organization’s reputation.

With Flashpoint Fraud Intelligence, security and fraud teams gain context-rich, tailored data and intelligence. It monitors account shops, card shops, data breaches, and illicit communities, providing insights into attacker techniques, emerging trends, and new fraud schemes. Fraud Intelligence adapts to the evolving landscape of fraud, offering a robust set of features and tools to protect organizations from financial threats and maintain the integrity of their digital assets. 

Unrivaled visibility and early detection

Access the most extensive collection of fraud data from illicit communities and marketplaces. This allows you to observe threat actor activity before any financial information is exposed or purchased, providing early detection and prevention of fraud.

Clear, precise monitoring powered by your assets

Easily upload and manage Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) to monitor and gain in-depth insights into your card exposure and potential threats. This tailored monitoring allows for swift and targeted actions to mitigate fraud risks.

Flexibility in search and analysis

Flexible search and analysis options enable you to uncover threats based on a variety of criteria, regardless of specific BINs. This allows you to broaden your search or focus on other specific criteria that’s better aligned to your unique requirements.

Maintain customer trust

Build and maintain customer trust in the digital age by providing a secure online environment. Flashpoint Fraud Intelligence ensures your organization takes proactive measures to protect customer data and financial transactions.

Helping you solve the most critical fraud challenges

Compromised credentails

Follow illicit marketplaces where stolen credentials are traded to prevent credential stuffing attacks and account takeovers and protect your customers’ data.

Financial fraud

Monitor compromised credit cards and Bank Identification Number (BIN) to detect any unauthorized use⁠ across card shops, data breaches, and online chatter to minimize financial losses.

Payment fraud

Detect fraudulent credit cards being used across a company’s customer base or transactions, regardless of a specific BIN, to identify unauthorized transactions.

Cryptocurrency fraud 

Track illicit cryptocurrency activity to uncover money laundering schemes and protect your organization from financial crimes.

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