Misuse or fraudulent use of domains, the constant menace of phishing attacks targeting unsuspecting users, and the legal complexities of trademark infringement and typosquatting can harm your reputation, lead to legal issues, and drain resources. Securing your business from the inside out means carving a space for your most public-facing liabilities: your domain name and brand assets.

To protect your brand from these threats, we actively and continuously monitor domains that could potentially infringe on your brand assets.


Gather enough domain intelligence to spot possible risks and potential threats.


Research and analyze domain names to identify threats, patterns, and potential risks.


Take proactive steps to migrate the identified risks or remediate if a threat is present.

Maintain control over your online reputation
Typosquatting & newly registered domain monitoring
Identify brand impersonations or abuse across all sources
Phishing, SMSishing, Vishing monitoring
Remediate malicious URLs, fraudulent social media, and mobile apps
Typosquatting & newly registered domain monitoring

Identify when threat actors register domain names that are intentionally similar to legitimate domains in the hopes of deceiving users. This can lead to various attacks that can damage your brand reputation, steal sensitive data, or harm your customers.

  • Monitor your domains by tracking and assessing newly registered domains to detect potential threats.
  • Receive notification of malicious URLs targeting your organization.
  • Alerted URLs are investigated and reviewed in order to confirm malicious or violating brand trademarks.
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Identify brand impersonations or abuse across all sources

Visibility into mobile app stores, domain registrations, social media accounts, online marketplaces, and the deep and dark web to monitor and detect when and where your trademarks, logos and other brand assets are being used.

  • Continuous monitoring for mentions of your brand across the cybercriminal underground.
  • Identify instances of typosquatting and promptly respond to potential threats.
  • Stay informed with early alerts about threat actor activity and discussions around your company assets.
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Phishing, SMSishing, Vishing monitoring

Proactive monitoring for phishing, SMSishing, and Vishing threats to safeguard your brand integrity and customer trust.

  • Track fraudulent websites that impersonate your brand to prevent data breaches and reputation damage.
  • Detect malicious SMS messaging and links sent to mobile users.
  • Identify voice-based social engineering attempts, often using caller ID spoofing, to protect your customers and employees.
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Remediate malicious URLs, fraudulent social media, and mobile apps

Remediate malicious URLs, fraudulent social media profiles, and deceptive mobile apps to swiftly mitigate brand and domain threats while maintaining a secure online presence.

  • Takedown and block fraudulent websites.
  • Remove fake accounts on social media.
  • Mitigate deceptive mobile apps.
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