Real-time open-source intelligence (OSINT) and critical alerts to protect people, places, and assets

Accelerate and inform your intelligence cycles with best-in-industry open-source data collections, intelligence expertise, investigative tools, and AI enrichments. Flashpoint National Security Intelligence is purpose-built to deliver on-the-ground situational awareness and real-time insights to support mission-driven teams.

Unparalleled situational awareness for National Security teams 

Data as a Service

Bolster your most challenging missions with tailored, timely, and relevant data sets via API or custom delivery methods from Flashpoint’s global collection capabilities and countless sources.

Real-time geospatial data

Get real-time geospatial insights from global regions with both precise (geotagged) and associated (AI-enabled) location information.

24/7 monitoring and alerts

Leverage advanced analytics and visualizations, an inbox for reviewing and sharing results, a map view for geospatial data, and alerts for time-sensitive events.

Improve situational awareness

Search, filter, and analyze real-time data from an extensive range of publicly available information (PAI) sources for comprehensive OSINT generation.

Reduce information gaps

Gather data from a wide range of sources including regional networks from the Asia Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America. Coverage across mainstream and fringe networks, discussion forums, and messaging apps ensures that your team can be confident that no critical insight is missed.

Increase analyst effectiveness 

Our streamlined user interface significantly reduces the resources and time needed for new product training and enables analysts to be successful on day one.

Enhance your intelligence capabilities

Bolster your team’s capabilities and alleviate the strain on your time, resources, and skills, with one-click access to Flashpoint’s expert intelligence team.

Clean, user-friendly UI with an astonishing amount of data to sift through. Whether you are an investigator, military, LEO of some kind…this tool is a necessity to maximize investigations!

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