Open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools, data, and finished intelligence for mission-driven teams

Accelerate and inform your intelligence cycles with best-in-industry open-source data collections, intelligence expertise, investigative tools, and AI enrichments. Flashpoint National Security Intelligence supports teams in Defense, the Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, State and Local Government, and Federal Civilian Agencies.

Driving information advantage for National Security teams 


Bolster your most challenging missions with direct access to relevant data sets from Flashpoint's global collections via API, Firehose, or custom delivery methods.


Securely investigate and monitor the networks that matter most to your organization. Our capabilities support real-time geospatial social media, cyber threat intelligence, and vulnerability intelligence to address a diverse range of cyber and physical security requirements.


Force multiply your efforts and supplement your intelligence cycles with integrated professional services, managed intelligence, and finished reporting delivered by the Flashpoint Intelligence Team.

Reduce information gaps with the deepest and most varied data collection available

Access data and intelligence derived from unique datasets sourced and collected via our proprietary collections engine. Collections include global social media, illicit communities, vulnerability data, messaging apps, and deep and dark web sites.

Deepen your research capabilities

Conduct thorough online investigations by going directly to the source– with full technical anonymity in a safe and isolated workspace.

Access finished reports from the Flashpoint Intelligence Team

Get timely, relevant Intelligence reports across the entire threat landscape, from cyber, to physical and geopolitical, to supplement your intelligence cycles.

Enhance your team with integrated services

Bolster your team’s capabilities and alleviate the strain on your time, resources, and skills, with one-click access to Flashpoint’s expert intelligence analysts.

Build your own toolkit guided by our seasoned team

Our account team understands the technical requirements and complexities of National Security organizations and will ensure you equip your team with the tools, data, and intelligence it needs.

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"Our experience with Flashpoint has been excellent from the start and has only gotten better. They provide outstanding intelligence services and support to customers and have an intelligence portal that is constantly being updated with new features."

-Flashpoint customer

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