Obfuscate your identity and location

Choose from 187+ points of presence (POPs), and link more than one gateway to add extra layers of obfuscation to network traffic. This will throw any malicious actors off course if they try to track activity back to the user.

Safely interact with malicious content and communities

Safely upload, download, and install files, browse deep and dark websites, and engage with threat actors in online communities. Destroy your virtual environment, along with any traceable information, malware, or trackers, on demand.

Deepen your research capabilities

Conduct primary source research to validate or corroborate information, assess potential exposure, and take action. Flashpoint Managed Attribution goes beyond browser-only research tools and allows analysts to use native applications, command line, and other technology, to become fully immersed in the source they’re investigating.

Eliminate the overhead from self-hosted virtual machines

Maintaining independent hardware, software, and compliance is expensive and time-consuming. Flashpoint Managed Attribution eliminates the need for you to build and maintain self-hosted virtual environments, so your team can focus on its core mission.

“Flashpoint has become an integral part of our security infrastructure and threat response workflows, impacting what we do day-in, day-out.”

-Cody Autrey, Texas A&M University, System SecOps Team

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