FUSE 2022: Highlights From Flashpoint’s 6th Annual User Conference

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May 26, 2022

Last week, we welcomed hundreds of our customers to FUSE, Flashpoint’s 6th annual user conference. Over the course of two days, we presented on the future of Flashpoint’s product suite, discussed market trends, and enjoyed exclusive presentations from some of our longest-standing customers. 

The full FUSE event included:

  • A talk given on the future of Flashpoint and where the physical and cybersecurity market is headed in 2022 and beyond
  • Topical discussions on relevant subject matter, such as trends within the illicit marketplace space and how Flashpoint and VulnDB can be used to address emerging vulnerabilities that impact organizations’ security risk
  • Customer presentations, including a session on proactive password resets as a means to protect users, a session on sourcing threat intelligence, and a session on threat intelligence in the world of crypto.

Though we’re not able to share everything we covered in this blog post (you’ll have to become a client for that) this article will provide a summary of some key materials, plus supportive content on these topics. 

Detecting and Remediating Vulnerabilities Faster with Flashpoint and VulnDB

During this portion of the conference, we discussed all things related to understanding and defending your organization against vulnerabilities in 2022. This session included a look at the current vulnerability landscape, a discussion of how your security teams can faster detect and remediate vulnerabilities using Flashpoint and VulnDB, and a demo of the VulnDB product to have a look into the data it provides and see it in action. 

To watch the full session, click here.

For more information on this and related topics, we have selected the following supporting content to provide more insight into vulnerabilities and how you can prepare your organization to defend against them.

Why the Full Vulnerability Intelligence Picture Depends on Data Beyond CVE/NVD

CISA’s Joint Cybersecurity Advisory: Protecting Your Organization From Vulnerabilities—and 29,000 Other Known Exploits

The Great Resignation: Illicit Marketplaces

During this portion of the conference, we discussed the growing number of illicit marketplace closures, including voluntary shutdowns, takedowns by law enforcement, and retirements of some of the most prominent threat actors leading these communities, and what this trend could mean for the illicit community landscape. 

To watch the full session, click here.

For more information on this and related topics, be sure to check out this supporting content that elaborates on the world of illicit communities and underground marketplaces:

The Great Cyber Exit: Why the Number of Illicit Marketplaces is Dwindling

Illicit Communities Vs. Deep and Dark Web: Why the Full Intelligence Picture Depends on Both

From Ransomware to DDoS: Guide to Cyber Threat Actors—How, Why, and Who They Choose to Attack

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