Countering Subversive Strategic Competition Conference


September 18, 2023


Washington, DC

In an era of global strategic competition, how can the U.S. combat illicit and predatory activities backed by peer adversaries? How can free countries protect the global commons and preserve the rules-based international order?

At this conference, leaders from across the U.S. government, allied nations, industry, and NGOs will present their most pressing challenges and propose innovative courses of action using fiscal and regulatory tools, law enforcement, information, and lawfare to fight aggression from adversary-backed sub-sovereign and non-state actors.

Through solution-oriented panel discussions and Q&As, conference participants will discuss operations, actions and investments that leverage interagency capabilities and authorities to fight and win—today.

The conference will kick off a series of interagency working groups focused on combating illicit and predatory behavior by peer adversaries, hosted at the National Defense University.

Flashpoint will be in attendance!

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