Become aware of issues missed by CVE/NVD

Flashpoint's vulnerability db fully maps to CVE, covering IT, OT, IoT, CoTs, and open source libraries and dependencies. It also catalogs more than 100,000 vulnerabilities missed by the public source. Every entry is standardized, containing detailed vulnerability source information, extensive references, links to Proof of Concept code, solution information, and other metadata (if known).

Vulnerability alerting without scanning

Enable real-time alerting and threat modeling while identifying vulnerabilities without having to scan your network. VulnDB is immediately actionable and is available as a RESTful API, or integrates into existing tools and workflows.

Vendor and product risk ratings

Determine which products and vendors are putting the organization at risk, including how quickly they respond to researchers and provide patches. Risk Based Security’s Proprietary Vulnerability Timeline and Exposure Metrics (VTEM) combined with accurate CVSS scores, extensive historical data, and the ability to compare vendors and products, provides users with a full picture, empowering Cost of Ownership analysis.

Third-party libraries

Get comprehensive insight on vulnerabilities in third-party libraries used in products and software development. Monitor and track each library to ensure that newly disclosed vulnerabilities are addressed to evaluate and select the best third-party libraries.

Ransomware and exploit prediction models

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on the likelihood they will be used in future ransomware events and actively exploited in the wild.

"VulnDB has solved many challenges. For me, our vulnerability intelligence and vulnerability management processes are taken care of. Now it’s on to the next challenge."

-Christophe Rome, CISO Lineas

Actionable intelligence in your existing workflow

Your organization has a unique ecosystem of tools in which you operate. With VulnDB, you can directly integrate the best available vulnerability intelligence in the products and processes you already use.

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