Flashpoint Acquires CRFT to Bring No-Code Automation to Threat Intelligence

Nov 17, 2020

Ushers in New Era of Event-Driven Intelligence for CTI, Fraud, and Security Teams

NEW YORK — November 17, 2020 — Flashpoint, the globally trusted leader in actionable threat intelligence, today announced it has acquired CRFT, Inc., a security automation provider that empowers teams of all sizes and skill levels to streamline daily security tasks through a seamless, no-code design and delivery engine. This acquisition augments the value of Flashpoint’s intelligence by empowering security and threat teams to streamline workflows and trigger actions that mitigate threats automatically.

Flashpoint already produces the industry’s highest-quality threat intelligence from online illicit communities. By integrating CRFT’s no-code security automation into Flashpoint’s product suite, the company is now positioned to empower Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), Fraud, and Security teams to take rapid, automated action from inbound intelligence and event-based alerts. Understaffed and overwhelmed teams will be able to easily activate multi-step and multi-system workflows based on Flashpoint’s multilingual playbook library ensuring efficient, timely, and decisive action to stop threats in their tracks, automatically. 

Automation is the next critical step in the evolution of threat intelligence to ensure organizations drive meaningful, security-based action. Nearly half of all respondents in the 2020 SANS CTI Survey reported a lack of automation as inhibiting organizations from implementing intelligence effectively. “Flashpoint is poised to lead the industry in making threat intelligence easily actionable regardless of a team’s maturity,” said Josh Lefkowitz, CEO of Flashpoint. “The acquisition of CRFT enables us to bridge that gap for security teams with no-code automation and packaged expert playbooks to support critical workflows, whether detecting and remediating malware, discovering and combating account takeover, or identifying and mitigating a physical threat.”

To help execute on Flashpoint’s vision of building automation around actionable threat intelligence, we are excited to also welcome CRFT CTO and co-founder Austin McDaniel to Flashpoint as Chief Automation Architect. Austin brings a wealth of experience in the security software industry, including prior roles in key architecture and product development roles at JASK, Swimlane, and Google.

With a return on investment of 482% over three years (according to a recent commissioned Forrester Consulting TEI study), Flashpoint pays for itself in less than three months. Now with no-code automation from CRFT, Flashpoint customers can achieve even greater efficiency and avoid the hassle of complex integrations and customizations.

Flashpoint customers can expect to see new capabilities from the CRFT acquisition rolled out quickly as integration efforts to bring CRFT functionality into our industry-leading Flashpoint Platform are already underway.

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