Why Flashpoint?

Organizations are navigating increasingly dynamic and complex security challenges

Businesses and governments stand at the frontlines of an ever-evolving digital and physical risk landscape, grappling with myriad challenges that loom larger and more complex than ever before. Specifically, rapid technological advancements, relentless cyber threats, stringent regulatory demands, and the convergence of the cyber and physical landscape have become sources of both opportunity and risk. In response, leaders must increasingly aggregate, transform, analyze, and enrich online information to guide effective decision-making.

Our approach to threat intelligence

Threat intelligence should help organizations make quicker and better-informed decisions that help safeguard invaluable data, avoid financial loss, protect lives and critical assets, and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of security investments and resources.

We believe threat intelligence must go far beyond exclusive reliance on automated data collection. We start by accessing the broadest, deepest, and most relevant data by leveraging automation and embedding established subject matter experts into the rapidly evolving open and difficult-to-access online spaces where threat actors plan and execute attacks.

Stolen Credentials
Vulnerabilities (100K+ pre-CVE)
Unique Media Assets Collected
Stolen Credit Cards
Illicit Forum Posts
Chat Services Messages
Analysis &
& integration
Planning &
Planning & direction

Flashpoint’s planning process is driven by former practitioners with a deep understanding of what teams need, informing how and what data we collect.

Comprehensive intelligence for mission-critical teams

Flashpoint is the industry leader in threat data and intelligence. We enable the world’s most discerning organizations to proactively and decisively confront security challenges, with the most powerful data at the core.

With a combination of superior data, curated intelligence, technology, and community, Flashpoint is trusted by the world’s largest businesses and governments, so they can better protect people, places, and assets.

“Flashpoint’s extensive knowledge is reflected in its offerings; its solutions are definitively superior to those of its competitors.”

A unified intelligence platform with industry-leading, high volume OSINT collections

Providing a holistic view of risk in one place, Flashpoint Ignite places the power of our data, intelligence expertise, and automated analysis into the hands of security teams, enabling them to identify and remediate risk and take rapid, decisive action. By combining the skills of our analysts with cutting-edge technology, Ignite transcends the limitations of conventional approaches, giving our customers the intelligence they need to reduce risk, optimize operations, and improve resilience.

Collections Engine

Analysts track adversaries across multiple types of online communities and inform the collections engine providing a wide variety of content.

Data Pipeline

Diverse, historical, and real-time data across multiple types of online communities is stored, parsed, and normalized.

Analytics Engine

Analysts inform proprietary analytics technologies to ensure relevant data delivery and prioritization.


Flashpoint Finished Intelligence products are backed by an extensive historical archive of illicit online communities.


Evolve your threat intelligence capability with Ignite


Leverage unmatched domain expertise

“Flashpoint has given us clear visibility into threat actor techniques, technology, and procedures that we have used to proactively put defenses in place for, and it allowed us to disrupt at least one attack campaign that impacted peer financial institutions and included monetary loss.”

-VP Security Manager, Financial Services

Maximize your existing security investments

Our extensive partner integration ecosystem and flexible delivery options enable you to augment your existing tooling to maximize their effectiveness.

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