Expand your team’s capacity

Powered by Flashpoint’s robust technology and unmatched intelligence experience, Flashpoint intelligence analysts leverage the understanding of specific customer intelligence requirements to identify and assess threats and risks that impact your organization within Flashpoint collections.

Receive tactical and operational intelligence on key threats

Tailored weekly deliverables highlighting the most critical threats, which directly address your organization’s intelligence requirements. Flashpoint intelligence analysts provide additional assessments to these threat intelligence reports, as well as timely ad-hoc updates.

Develop greater depth and context

From strategic, human-readable reporting to tactical, programmatic feeds, Flashpoint provides the relevant threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), campaigns, and context that transforms data into intelligence.

Build a stronger bench of resources and collections

Flashpoint’s multidisciplinary analysts speak more than 25 languages and can deliver on an array of intelligence requirements. Our data and collections cover vital regions, countries, and threat actors types, with a proprietary collections engine across numerous data sources.

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