Swisscom Frees Up Limited Resources With Better Data

With the powerful features of VulnDB, Swisscom’s security team is able to perform a centralized governance role, monitoring vulnerabilities impacting the whole organizations and distributing prioritized information to the right people.

About the customer

Telecommunications giant Swisscom is a dominant service provider in Switzerland. Flashpoint was able to work with Stéphane Grundschober, Vulnerability Manager at Swisscom, to implement the benefits of comprehensive, timely and actionable data from VulnDB. 

According to Swisscom, using VulnDB inspires confidence. All of their teams, from CIRT to DevOps know they can trust the feed powering their security. Swisscom have been able to reduce friction and increase overall operational efficiency by integrating vulnerability intelligence from VulnDB into their risk management process.

“Just knowing we have VulnDB inspires confidence. This is a good feed. When you are exposed to it you know that this is quality information. You can just see it.”

Read the case study on how VulnDB has empowered the teams at Swisscom.


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