Flashpoint Intelligence Platform

Mitigate Your Most Critical Security Risks

When it comes to decisions and mitigating risk, organizations require a solution that provides immediate visibility into real-world threats that have potential to disrupt and harm the enterprise. One of the best ways to get this insight is to harness the relevant information within illicit online communities to track threats and threat actors, where they originate, and where the discussions take place that put sensitive assets at risk.

Collecting relevant data to support intelligence functions is an extraordinarily difficult and a risky endeavor.

It is critical that organizations have a solution that broadens the scope of intelligence beyond traditional threat detection so that teams receive timely, actionable results, enabling them to make better decisions and protect their ability to operate across the enterprise.

We Are the Globally Trusted Leaders

Flashpoint Intelligence Platform grants access to our archive of finished intelligence reports, data from illicit communities, chat services platforms, open web and technical data in a single, finished intelligence experience.

Whether you are an intel expert or new to assessing risk, our platform delivers relevant intelligence that empowers you to make more informed decisions and to mitigate risk across your organization.

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