Product Update

AI Summary Alerts in Echosec

Daily summaries of saved search results provide a pulse on key situations.

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What’s new

Echosec customers can now receive AI-generated Summary Alerts based on Saved Search results. Delivered daily via email, AI Summary Alerts help practitioners keep a pulse on the topics they are monitoring to quickly understand key developments that may need further assessment or action.

Why it matters

Data overload is a significant challenge intelligence analysts face due to vast and growing data volumes combined with staffing constraints. In the open-source intelligence space, this issue is especially evident as myriad threats proliferate on open channels like messaging apps and social media networks. AI capabilities like Summary Alerts help practitioners discover, understand, and extract insights from data while reducing manual review and analysis.

Summary Alerts are also a great way to ensure multiple stakeholders receive updates on a specific situation or topic without the need to log in and review the data firsthand.

How it works

An AI Summaries option has been added to the Saved Search Alert settings in Monitor.

Users can enable AI Summary Alerts by clicking the dropdown arrow next to AI summaries, selecting the Daily option, and setting the alert destination to the email address(s) of their choosing.

Summary Alerts contain a summary of overall discussions, as well as a snapshot of negative and positive sentiment detected within the results.

See this feature in action.