Product Update

Introducing A New Look for Managed Attribution

Managed Attribution customers now have a consistent experience across Flashpoint products.

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What’s new

Flashpoint Managed Attribution now has a fresh new look to align with the Flashpoint design our customers know and enjoy in their roles.

Why it matters

Updating the look and feel of the Managed Attribution system provides a more cohesive overall experience for our customers, many of whom use multiple Flashpoint products.

How it works

Flashpoint Managed Attribution provides a secure virtual environment completely isolated from our customer organization’s browsers, computers, and network infrastructure so analysts and investigators can interact with nefarious online content while protecting against malware, browser tracking, and other cyber threats. 

Users can configure traffic to appear from points of presence (PoPs) anywhere in the world and manipulate their digital fingerprint with secure machine and gateway locations, operating systems, browsers, tools, and timezones. With complete obfuscation, users can focus on critical tasks without the risk of revealing their identity, infecting their systems, or compromising network security.

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