Product Update

Media Sensitivity Settings in Echosec

Automatically obfuscate explicit images in Echosec.

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What’s new

We are pleased to introduce the new Media Sensitivity Settings feature, designed to give users more control over the type of media content visible in Echosec. This update allows users to filter explicit or potentially explicit images in social media posts according to their preferences.

Why it matters

Social media networks and other open sources are flooded with diverse content, some of which may be explicit or potentially disturbing. With options to filter out explicit content, users can confidently conduct research and investigations in a safe browsing environment.

How it works

Echosec users can adjust Media Sensitivity Settings by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings in Echosec
  2. Select Media Sensitivity Settings.
  3. Choose the desired filter options.

Filter options:

  • None: No filtering of media.
  • Moderate: Filters only severely explicit media.
  • Strict: Filters all potentially explicit media.

See this feature in action.