Product Update

New Navigation Experience in Monitor (Echosec)

Monitor users can now search, filter, and view their results in a more intuitive workflow.

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What’s new

Monitor is the persistent monitoring solution that enables Echosec users to deepen their investigations after performing initial discovery in Echosec. It gives security practitioners the tools they need to observe, detect, analyze, and be alerted about situations of interest from our best-in-class data ecosystem.

We have recently refactored several aspects of the navigation experience in Monitor. Users can now search their results with a global search bar, apply filters with ease, and enjoy a consistent look and feel across all of their workflows.

Why it matters

We prioritize ease of use across all of our solutions, and these changes contribute to a significantly more intuitive user experience, helping our customers focus on their objectives and protect people, places, and assets.

These new workflows will also enable us to continue to expand on the capabilities within Monitor as we continue to grow the platform.

How it works

  1. The left-hand sidebar is now consistent across all three views. Users can easily navigate between the Dashboard, Inbox, and Map at the press of a button.
  2. Filters are now global! Apply a set of filters in the Dashboard and those filters will also be applied to the Inbox and Map views and vice versa. This allows users to quickly review results across a variety of views, all without the need for constant filter management.
  3. We have introduced a brand new search bar directly in Monitor. Users can now search through their results by entering one or multiple keywords. Getting to the information they need has never been easier. The new search bar supports standard Boolean search logic like AND and OR for more control as well.

Click through the product demo to see how it works.

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