State of Cyber Threat Intelligence: 2023

A deep dive into the perpetual cycles of cybercrime—and how to fight back

A growing body of evidence demonstrates just how extensively cyber threats are overlapping, intersecting, and relating—from the resilient nature of the illicit communities where cybercriminals operate to the to the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) cyber threat actors use to execute their attacks.

In our new State of Cyber Threat Intelligence, we examine the factors that contribute to these two themes:  the converging nature of cyber threats as well as the perpetual cycles in which they exist. Plus, we explore the big-picture impact of cyber attacks on organizations across a variety of industries globally and provide guidance on how to fight back.

It is through this lens that we examine the trends, data, analysis, strategies, and insights that will impact the ways in which security and intelligence teams tackle challenges in 2023.

In this report you’ll read about:

  • How the state of illicit markets directly impacts data breaches, ransomware, and other forms of cyberattacks
  • How threat actors stole 22.62 billion credentials and personal information last year—and what they are doing with illegally obtained data
  • The growing complexity of malware and phishing kits
  • Why cybercriminals are constantly canvassing vulnerability exploits on illicit forums and markets
  • Why ransomware will continue to get worse in 2023
  • What security and intelligence teams can do to fight back

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