The State of Vulnerability Intelligence: 2022 Midyear Edition

Security teams are under immense pressure. They are expected to remediate tens of thousands of vulnerabilities each year with limited resources. The State of Vulnerability Intelligence report empowers organizations to focus on what matters most, helping them to keep workloads manageable and remediate risk at scale.

Download the report to learn:

  • How security teams can maximize resources and reduce their workloads by 82 percent by first focusing on actionable severity vulnerabilities.
  • How Flashpoint collected 11,860 vulnerabilities in the first six months of the year, with CVE / NVD failing to report and detail 27.3 percent of them.
  • Why Vulnerability Management Programs using CVSSv2 scores as a basis for prioritization may be misguided, as Flashpoint has found that 52 percent of all 10.0 vulnerabilities reported in 2022 H1 are likely scored incorrectly.

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