2024 Global Threat Outlook: Inside the Data and Intelligence Driving Today’s Security Strategies

Join us for an exclusive look at Flashpoint’s 2024 Global Threat Intelligence Report. We’ll explore data, insights, and pragmatic strategies for navigating today’s complex threat landscape. 

The onset of 2024 witnessed alarming spikes in ransomware attacks (+23%), data breaches (+429%), and escalating geopolitical tensions, underscoring the urgency of deciphering data patterns to anticipate and mitigate future threats.

This webinar will delve deep into the 2024 threat landscape, drawing invaluable lessons from 2023 to fortify our defenses and prevent recurring errors.

Key Highlights Include:

Holistic Threat Analysis: Gain unparalleled insights into the surge of ransomware attacks, data breaches, vulnerability exploits, and their intricate ties to geopolitical unrest.

Actionable Data and Insights: Acquire strategic intelligence to safeguard critical data and outmaneuver adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Foresighted Strategies: Discover pragmatic approaches for navigating tomorrow’s security challenges, leveraging open-source intelligence (OSINT) and fostering public-private partnerships.

Meet The Speakers
Ian Gray
VP, Intelligence

Brian Martin
Vulnerability Historian

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