Across the Negotiation Table: Lessons from Threat Actor Engagements

As ecriminals continue to innovate, the risk of organizations falling victim to ransomware attacks and deciding to engage with threat actors is increasing. In light of this trend, it’s imperative for security leaders to understand both the anatomy of ransomware attacks and the personas of threat actors driving them.

Join Christian Rencken, Sr Strategic Advisor, and Jeebs Bhattacharjee, Principal Advisor, as they delve into the intricate behavior and tactics used by the most prolific and sophisticated ransomware actors. Through real-world anecdotes, attendees will gain insights into the experiences of confronting these threat actors from across the negotiation table.

Specifically, we covered:

  • Who to watch out for — the most prolific ransomware groups
  • What are ransomers’ targets and TTPs
  • How do ransomware groups operate during ransom negotiations
  • How to handle a ransomware attack and threat actor engagement.

Meet The Speakers
Christian Rencken
Senior Strategic Advisor

Jeebs Bhattacharjee
Principal Advisor

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