Evolving Your Risk Intelligence Program


March 24th, 2020



Before joining Flashpoint, Director of Risk Intelligence Strategy Mike Smola led Walmart’s Data Assurance and Cyber Intelligence team and has more than 25 years of experience building and leading security teams. During this webinar, Mike leads a thought exercise on leveraging opportunities within your organization to develop and build an intelligence program, which covers the following:

  • Decisions on scope: thinking differently about how you can leverage your intelligence team’s skills to support decision making across organizational functions
  • Identifying true risk to your business: determining which factors could potentially impact factors such as stock prices, sales, and bottom-line profits
  • Hiring differently: building a team of analysts with the aptitude and desire to support a broad scope of functions, e.g. operations, fraud investigations, privacy, legal, marketing, and supply chain
  • Vendor focus: leveraging vendors as business partners and challenging them to adapt to your specific needs
  • A holistic approach to intelligence: adopting a more holistic mindset to better anticipate and prepare for future risks to your organization
Presented By
Mike Smola
Director of Risk Intelligence Strategy, Flashpoint

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