Flashpoint & Anomali SLED Threat Day – Cyber Threat Intelligence Briefing


December 9th, 2021



Countering Cyber Threats as a SLED Entity Often Comes with a Broader Scope

Whether ensuring sourcing and integrity of data for potential legal action or handling both a university and hospital network at the same time, Flashpoint has data and services that can help users accomplish their ever growing list of needs. In this session we will talk about the various data sets Flashpoint has available for integration into your daily workflow– compromised credentials, dark web market stolen cookies, chat services discussions regarding potential violence, and more. The conversational format of this segment hopes to encourage questions on your specific use cases and discussion of potential solutions. 

Meet The Speakers
Meagan Burke
Technical Account Executive, Flashpoint

Speaking about:
Utilizing Flashpoint Data Feeds and Services to Counter Cyber Threats

Stephen Muller
Senior Security Engineer, and Austin Stubblefied, Senior Account Executive, Anomali

Speaking About:
Using the CTI Lifecycle and XDR to Combat Ransomware

Cody Autrey
Threat Intelligence Analyst, Texas A&M University System

Speaking About:
Building the Texas A&M University System Threat Intelligence Program

Chance Grubb
Senior Staff Officer, State of Oklahoma

Speaking About:
Building OK_ISAC – Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing wit the State of Oklahoma

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