Flashpoint for Defensive Cyber Operations


November 19th, 2020



Flashpoint’s presence within illicit online communities for over a decade has afforded a nuanced understanding of operating in an environment where threat actors seek anonymity to carry out malicious activities against Department of Defense assets. Flashpoint’s unique insights into these activities enables organizations to successfully identify, track, and stop cyber threats rapidly by offering:

Seasoned credible and authoritative personas who maintain passive​ and persistent access to closed communities

  • Native linguists culturally adept to produce analysis of Publicly Available Information (PAI)
  • Integration of Flashpoint data and collections into the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform to provide unique perspective and analysis to specific missions
  • Internally developed tools and infrastructure to enable full oversight of intelligence operations, enabling deeper access to closed communities
  • Data integrated with partner tools to provide unmatched visibility into threats, empowering users with the context they need to make better decisions about risks posed by cyber threats

Join our Public Sector Technical team as we show you how Flashpoint’s data sets help to carry out defensive cyber operations. We will demonstrate an overview of our collections, and how that data can be used to increase your defensive posture and meet mission needs. Examples of the data that we will explore includes datasets from closed, invite-only, and password-protected sources, as well as paste sites, technical data, indicators of compromise, and stolen credentials exploited by illicit communities.

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