Identifying Credit Card Compromises Before They Attack Your Card Portfolio


October 4th, 2022 | 2:00 PM ET



The fight against credit card fraud is constantly evolving. Responding to the changing dynamics of card fraud requires constant vigilance of control frameworks and protection against your card portfolio. Effective prevention programs need differentiated and actionable intel sources – across the lifecycle of a stolen credit card – in order to see the complete story and hunt down fraudulent activity.

Join Flashpoint’s Jake Wells, Product Manager, and Rippleshot’s Jennifer Fout, Vice President of Product and Customer Solutions, to learn how to gain visibility into compromised credit cards that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. We’ll share how to leverage high-risk merchant data and completed common point of purchase (CPP) analysis to understand where fraud is happening (in your own portfolio and across the industry).

During this chat, we’ll cover:

  • Why you should focus your time stopping fraud at the point of theft
  • How to leverage high-risk merchant data and stop manual analysis
  • What actions to take using data to stop fraud before monetary loss and reputational risk occur
Meet The Speakers
Jake Wells
Product Manager, Flashpoint

Jennifer Fout
Vice President of Product and Customer Solutions, Rippleshot

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