Join us for a deep dive into 5 key trends that are shaping the discipline of open-source intelligence (OSINT) by the United States and its worldwide allies. As governments seek to gain decision advantage from the benefits of OSINT tradecraft, they’re increasingly adopting commercial and publicly available tools to stay ahead of threats.

In this session, Melisa Stivaletti, Director of Open-Source Intelligence at Guidehouse, and Andrew Borene, Executive Director with Flashpoint National Security Solutions, explored the concepts of OSINT as a government function, as a broader phenomenon in the security community, and discuss 5 key trends in how national security organizations around the world are advancing their missions by embracing the tradecraft that this webinar series is all about.

Meet The Speakers
Melisa Stivaletti
Director of Open-Source Intelligence, Guidehouse

Andrew Borene
Executive Director, Flashpoint National Security Solutions

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