The Human Side of Threat Intelligence: How Thinking Like a Threat Actor Can Optimize Your Collection Strategy


August 21st, 2019



A threat actor’s decisions can be influenced by a variety of factors such as psychological, technological advancements, and socio-political issues. These decisions made by a threat actor when choosing where they will operate has an impact on vendor collections and has affected how the security community approaches collections at a research level and a business level. By monitoring these illicit online communities frequented by threat actors across the open web and the deep and dark web (DDW), Flashpoint produced intelligence designed to help practitioners better understand and combat threats ranging from cybercrime to violent extremism.

During this presentation, Flashpoint Analyst Amina Bashir will examine the different types of collections and why they matter, the impact threat actor movement has across multiple sources and regions, how this movement affects various business models, and how practitioners can leverage these findings to refine and optimize their threat intelligence collection strategies.

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