Uncovering the User Behind the Username: Tools and Tradecraft for Social Media Investigations

When investigating online threats to your organization, you may need to quickly locate a social media user of interest or concern. Analyzing profiles can be challenging if the user does not reveal their real identity. In this session, Megan will show us how to harness the OSINT tools and techniques to identify the person or group behind an unknown or anonymous username based on indicators or breadcrumbs on profiles that users leave behind. The presentation will include real case examples to demonstrate successful workflows to reveal who is behind the threatening posts.

We will cover:

  • Useful steps for identifying who is behind a username
  • Case examples to retain those steps
  • Future challenges to consider

We look forward to seeing you then!

Meet The Speakers
Megan Munoz
Director of Education and Knowledge Management, Hetherington Group

Megan Munoz joined the Hetherington Group in early 2022, serving as the Director of Education and Knowledge Management. She is an all-source intelligence analyst and instructor specializing in homeland security, law enforcement, counterterrorism, radicalization, curriculum development, and intelligence analysis. Prior to joining the Hetherington Group, she worked for the United States Air Force and the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness as a Senior Intelligence Analyst and she managed a training academy that instructed in the tradecraft of intelligence for law enforcement, first responders, and intelligence analysts across the region. Collectively, she has 17 years of intelligence experience.

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