Corporate and Physical Security teams require a solution that helps identify threats that target the organization’s employees, locations, or assets that emanate from illicit communities.

Protect people, places, and assets with open-source intelligence

Flashpoint’s OSINT solution delivers real-time data from an extensive range of social media networks and online discussions. Combined with intuitive functionality like geofencing, natural language processing, advanced filters, and one-click translation, our solution helps you find key information faster, improve situational awareness, monitor critical events, and make more informed decisions. 

Identify and understand organizational threats

Flashpoint provides visibility into the illicit communities in which threat actors operate, enabling corporate and physical security teams—whether operating domestically or abroad—to understand direct and indirect threats to their organization from across the ideological spectrum.

Combine intelligence with dedicated support to mitigate threats

Flashpoint’s finished intelligence reporting and dedicated support combine contextual analysis with technical expertise on the means of communication relied upon by a range of physical threat actors. This extensive visibility allows teams to track how threat actors construct and disseminate propaganda, identify the origin of extremist messaging, and preemptively mitigate threatening scenarios before they come to fruition.

Leverage unique intelligence and analysis to make better decisions

Flashpoint provides your organization with the ability to ask our intelligence analysts specific questions and receive answers to help your team fill intelligence gaps. Our intelligence analyst teams conduct research inside closed illicit online communities, as well as open sources, to provide original, unique analysis. We understand the myriad of risks posed by threat actors, and impacts from benign but disruptive activity, and deliver on an array of intelligence requirements.

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