Fraud teams are required to stay one step ahead of evolving threat actors’ emerging TTPs, schemes, and targeting patterns. In order to do this, Fraud teams require the data, tools, and expertise to effectively prepare for, detect, and combat fraud and ultimately mitigate losses.

Flashpoint provides fraud teams with access to illicit communities where threat actors discuss how to access and monetize proprietary data. Flashpoint’s data sources span the entirety of the fraud ecosystem, enabling fraud teams to gain a holistic understanding of the TTPs used to target their organization and industry.

Use Optical-Character Recognition (OCR) to uncover fraud schemes

The Flashpoint Intelligence Platform leverages OCR technology to identify text, logos, and objects from multimedia within Flashpoint collections. Fraud Teams can search and generate alerts for relevant media with our extensive, signal-rich collections, as well as access associated Finished Intelligence reports to identify and assess the credibility of threat actors and associated TTPs being used to defraud organizations and industries.

Investigate fraudulent transactions and prevent further breaches

When a breach occurs and credit cards have been compromised, it is crucial that fraud teams have access to the most relevant and timely data in order to quickly identify the source and location where the breach occurred. Flashpoint supports Fraud Teams by providing the resources to conduct transactional analysis and the insight into when to conduct common point of purchase analysis. Organizations can then prevent further breaches and protect their customer base by putting secure restrictions in place.

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