Since most enterprise security teams typically focus on mitigating external attacks, many organizations lack visibility into threats posed by malicious insiders. Insider threat tools help organizations identify, track and prevent these threats, which arise when current or former employees exploit access to their organization’s systems or data.

Suppress corporate data theft

Leveraging Flashpoint’s data and collections, Insider Threat teams are able to discover identity fraud, data theft, and data penetration attempts. Armed with intelligence and knowledge of adversaries’ motivations and TTPs, teams can build a more effective defensive posture and limit further exposure.

Prevent insider threats

Flashpoint’s comprehensive access to online illicit communities provides visibility and quick detection of insider threats in the forums and marketplaces where IP is bought and sold. Uncovering these potential threats in a timely manner allows teams to take action before the damage occurs.

Implement intelligence-led measures to reinforce security

Flashpoint’s expertise on high-risk indicators and the deep and dark web helps organizations confirm the integrity of prospective employees to proactively combat insider threats and establish better hiring process protocols.

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