Protect Executives, Assets, and Locations

By combining industry-leading data collection with our intuitive platform and intelligence services, Flashpoint supports protective intelligence teams with end-to-end coverage of the online threat and risk landscape. Whether integrating our data into your existing tooling, leveraging our intelligence platform, or extending your team’s capacity with our tailored reporting service, we serve as a trusted partner to help keep your people, organization, and assets safe.

Spend less time sifting through irrelevant data and focus on your informed response.

Executive Protection

  • Monitor travel risks in locations worldwide
  • Be alerted to online chatter containing targeted violent language or slander
  • Detect and mitigate cyber threats like doxing and phishing attacks

Cyber Network Protection

  • Monitor and respond to network vulnerabilities
  • Protect against malware, ransomware, and cyber exploitation
  • Monitor employee credentials and confidential information

Location Protection

  • Gain situational awareness around key locations, anywhere in the world
  • Monitor real-time events and crises
  • Investigate incidents to inform future security protocols
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how flashpoint supports protective intelligence:
Data Collection
Discovery, Monitoring and Alerting
Social Media Geolocation
Tailored Reporting Service
Data Collection

Automating each step of the intelligence lifecycle.

  • Access the most extensive range of networks from social media to the dark web
  • Dive deep into illicit communities without putting your organization at risk
  • Leverage finished intelligence informed by our proprietary collection and analysis engine
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Discovery, Monitoring and Alerting

Bringing hidden information to the surface.

  • Gather real-time information to be informed of situations before the news breaks
  • Spend less time sifting through irrelevant data with advanced search capabilities
  • Automatically monitor and be alerted on cyber and physical threats, 24/7
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Accelerating the information-gathering process.

  • Access historical data for in-depth research
  • Generate one-click profiles to instantly see threat actor patterns, connections, and activity
  • Seamlessly validate and verify information across networks
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Tailored Reporting Service

Force multiplying analyst teams with tailored reports.

  • Stay informed about cyber or physical threats to your key personnel or assets
  • Receive tactical and operational intelligence about developing situations
  • Improve your team’s understanding of threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures, to reduce future risk
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“We sought more than just an intelligence provider. We wanted a strategic partner who could acutely understand our security challenges and seamlessly integrate with our team. Flashpoint provided that throughout the show—and then some.”


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