Written By:
Brian Martin

Brian Martin has been studying, collecting, and cataloging vulnerabilities since 1993, both personally and professionally. Starting with a personal collection organized in the venerable FILES.BBS format and ultimately becoming the Content Manager of the Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB), he has pushed for the evolution of vulnerability databases (VDBs) for years. Via blogs, presentations, and public dialogue on social media, Martin has challenged every major vulnerability database to improve their processes and coverage, but non more so than the one he manages.

Brian has been involved in all aspects of the vulnerability disclosure process, including finding new vulnerabilities, writing advisories, coordinating disclosure, creating disclosure programs, and working with a variety of organizations to improve vulnerability handling and response. This includes feedback and contributions to major vendor security programs and more recently, companies that manage bounty programs on behalf of vendors.

Additionally, Brian was on the CVE Editorial Board for ten years and remains a sought after speaker on vulnerability topics.