Infographic: 2022 – A Year in Review

In 2022…

  • A financial services customer detected more than $4M in illicitly marketed assets, including checks and compromised accounts, using OCR capabilities.
  • A customer relied on Flashpoint’s ransomware dashboard to regularly save them hours of time each week while supporting executive briefings.
  • In a single month alone, a customer received 125 actionable alerts which equated to over $15M in potentially averted losses.
  • An automated alert provided information to a customer that enabled their team to identify a threat actor’s specific operations, saving them over $5M.
  • Flashpoint customers saved over 8K hours with Flashpoint Request for Information (RFI) custom analyst research intelligence.

See stories like these, new products and services, solutions enhancements and new additions to the Flashpoint family, in our 2022 retrospective.

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