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How Teams Leverage Flashpoint

Corporate and Physical Security
Vulnerability Management
National Security
Insider Threat

Uncover stolen credentials, fraud schemes, ransomware, and emerging threats with the industry’s most comprehensive data collection and intelligence.

  • Enhance threat detection and response
  • Reduce noise and prioritize mission-critical risk
  • Streamline workflows and investigations
  • Get tailored support and expert guidance
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Fraud Teams

Combat financial fraud, account takeovers, and brand abuse with superior insights into fraudster operations.

  • Detect compromised data early on
  • Preserve brand integrity and reputation
  • Minimize financial losses
  • Maintain customer trust and safety
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Corporate and Physical Security

Enhance situational awareness on the ground to safeguard your company personnel, assets, and infrastructure.

  • Protect executives and key personnel
  • Monitor critical events and crises
  • Be alerted to threats to supply chains and key locations
  • Stay ahead of extremist activity
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Vulnerability Management

Uncover vulnerabilities on average two weeks faster than the NVD with early coverage of zero-day and emerging vulnerabilities.

  • Identify risks faster
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities
  • Gain key context needed for effective mitigation
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National Security

Identify criminal activity, observe global events, and analyze threat actor TTPs with data and intelligence aligned with your unique requirements.

  • Access industry-leading data across open and commercially available sources
  • Harness finished intelligence from our team of expert analysts
  • Accelerate research and investigations with intuitive analytical tools
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Insider Threat

Detect, monitor, and mitigate the misuse of authorized access to your network, systems, or assets.

  • Identify malicious insiders
  • Detect insider recruitment
  • Uncover intellectual property theft
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Flashpoint saves us over $80 million in fraud losses every year. Their proactive approach and sharp insights are crucial in keeping our financial institution secure. They’re not just a solution; they’re a strategic partner helping us stay ahead of cyber threats.”

Flashpoint’s extensive knowledge is reflected in its offerings; its solutions are definitively superior to those of its competitors.”