With Award-Winning Product Innovation and Strong Revenue Growth, Flashpoint Cements Status as Provider of the Industry’s Best Threat Data and Intelligence

Feb 20, 2024

  • Flashpoint drove continued strong revenue growth in 2023 with a three-year CAGR of 42%, while delivering positive EBITDA margins;
  • Technology innovations culminated in the launch of Ignite, Flashpoint’s award-winning platform to unite cyber threat, vulnerability, physical security, and national security intelligence capabilities;
  • Additional investment focused on bolstering the scale, speed, and actionability of data collections, complemented by human enrichment and AI;
  • 750+ subscription clients globally across financial services, government, retail, healthcare and technology sectors.

WASHINGTON, D.C. February 20, 2024 — Flashpoint, the threat data and intelligence leader, today announced the company saw strong business growth in 2023 and exited the year poised to achieve the $100 million Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) milestone. With a three-year CAGR of 42% and positive EBITDA margins, Flashpoint continued to deliver clear operational excellence. The strong financial results were bolstered by the launch of the Ignite platform, as well as investments in both AI and human enrichment, to ensure its 750+ customers received the best data for the best intelligence to safeguard critical assets, avoid financial loss, and protect lives.

“The threat landscape in 2023 was unprecedented. As a mission-driven company, Flashpoint rose to the challenge and rushed to the virtual frontlines to support our customers, from CL0P to the Israel-Hamas War. We delivered award-winning innovation to help them stay ahead of evolving threats, in the form of our Ignite platform and impactful new data collection capabilities. As a result, we ended the year with strong growth and profitability, solidifying our position as the top-tier threat intelligence leader,” said Josh Lefkowitz, CEO of Flashpoint.

Innovating Ahead of the Threat Landscape
In April, Flashpoint unveiled its Ignite platform, designed to equip security teams with the power of Flashpoint’s data, human expertise, and automated analysis. With Ignite, teams can easily identify and quickly remediate risk across cyber threat, vulnerability, physical security and national security intelligence use cases in order to deliver rapid customer ROI.  

During the balance of 2023, Flashpoint continued to release significant innovations including:

  • Ignite AI: An artificial intelligence chatbot enabling customers to engage in natural language conversations sourced directly from Flashpoint’s finished intelligence. Using Ignite AI, customers can make informed decisions in a fraction of the time compared to traditional research.
  • Flashpoint Firehose: A data-as-a-service solution that delivers a near-real-time stream of enriched, contextualized data from Flashpoint’s massive collection of sources. Flashpoint Firehose makes the depth and breadth of the company’s enriched data available for customers to integrate seamlessly into custom products and be indexed according to their custom requirements.
  • Automated Source Discovery: Flashpoint greatly expanded the speed, breadth, and personalization of its data through its proprietary Automated Source Discovery (ASD) functionality. Arising out of a strategic acquisition of assets from a collections intelligence company in mid-2023, ASD allows Flashpoint to rapidly add new data sources at scale, delivering data from the most critical online communities that are most relevant to Flashpoint customers and their priority intelligence requirements. 

This innovation was vital at the outset of the Israel-Hamas War, when it greatly improved customers’ visibility into the intricate interplay of cyber, physical, and geopolitical security and intelligence challenges. Within the first 72 hours of the Israeli-Hamas War, Flashpoint observed a total of 5,472 Telegram posts by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad across their main channels. These insights helped Flashpoint customers and the broader intelligence community better understand their risk apertures in the midst of a complex and rapidly evolving conflict.

Commenting on Flashpoint’s product set, Frost & Sullivan noted, “Flashpoint, a transformative leader and catalyst, shapes its corporate culture by harnessing purpose and mission to protect what matters most to fuel innovation. The company’s extensive knowledge is reflected in its offerings; its solutions are definitively superior to those of its competitors.”

Accelerating the Expansion of Flashpoint’s Business

As product innovation flourished, the company also made significant investments in its go-to-market engine to further accelerate growth and broaden adoption. It named Joe Sawyer as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Brian Brown as Chief Growth Officer (CGO) to help drive and capitalize on demand for Flashpoint solutions, while reinforcing both the company’s mission-driven culture and expanding market.

In the public sector, Flashpoint solidified its status as the “gold standard” for OSINT in support of government missions in the U.S. and across allied governments. The company’s moves included the addition of Andrew Borene as Executive Director for Global Security and the formation of a public sector advisory board composed of national security leaders, including Lt Gen. Scott Howell, Andrew Makridis, Matthew Swenson, and Tim Newberry.

“Flashpoint’s business continued to mature in 2023, as we grew organically to record levels, seamlessly integrated two acquisitions from the previous year, accelerated product innovation, and operated with excellence along the way. Looking ahead to 2024, the threats facing our customers will only intensify and the bar for excellence will rise in kind. Whether it is navigating the effects of multiple geopolitical conflicts, democratic elections in key economies around the globe, an explosion in infostealers, or a new wave of ransomware tactics, Flashpoint is committed to providing clarity and critical support. We will step up to meet these challenges just as we have consistently done for the last 13 years, armed with the best data for the best intelligence,” said Donald Saelinger, President of Flashpoint.

For more information about Flashpoint or to schedule a demo, visit https://www.flashpoint.io/.

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