Enables organizations to search and monitor Flashpoint’s unique collections for compromised credentials belonging to their employees in order to flag accounts, reset passwords, and restrict permissions to prevent actors from accessing confidential or personally identifiable information (PII).


Allows organizations to monitor for compromised credentials belonging to their customers. By leveraging cookies data from Flashpoint’s robust data sources, organizations can identify compromised customer accounts, targeted domains, and vulnerable passwords. This visibility enables organizations to proactively build a better defense against account takeover.

Remediate risks faster

Identify accounts that have been compromised on a consistent basis in order to provide ongoing fraud monitoring without impacting user experience.

Analyze and prioritize future risk

Gain insight into the types of domains being targeted, as well as the most vulnerable passwords.

Make data actionable

Integrate data within existing business processes to make it immediately actionable.

“Flashpoint has become an integral part of our security infrastructure and threat response workflows, impacting what we do day-in, day-out.”

-Cody Autrey, Texas A&M University, System SecOps Team

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