Cyber threat intelligence

Flashpoint provides CTI teams extensive and timely access to illicit communities including closed, invite-only, and password-protected sources, as well as paste sites, technical data, indicators of compromise, and stolen credentials exploited by illicit communities.

Global and domestic extremism

Flashpoint has been consistently and discreetly observing Violent Extremist Organizations (VEO) since the first instances of these groups using the internet for recruitment and propaganda.

  • Violent Extremist Organizations, propaganda and recruitment
  • Global and domestic physical security
  • Protecting vulnerable populations

National security

Flashpoint collections and holdings enable National Security focused on Integrated Deterrence and other Global Issues. Conversations by threat actors in deep and dark web (DDW), closed source, and other illicit communities are valuable and signal-rich due to the anonymity, barriers to entry, and vetting processes established in many communities. Flashpoint collections cover highly targeted and curated sources focused on cyber-crime, VEO global extremist, drug and weapon, and other illicit community activities.

Law enforcement

Flashpoint informs on emerging trends that affect many Law Enforcement Organizations, including:

  • Financial crime
  • Entitlements program fraud
  • Counter Cyber Crime
  • Counternarcotics
  • Supply chain risk

Critical infrastructure protection

Flashpoint provides cyber and physical security teams with threat intelligence on conversations within illicit communities to understand, manage, and reduce the risk to their cyber and physical infrastructure.

Unemployment or tax fraud

Flashpoint provides evidence of fraudulent activity from threat actors that are sharing unemployment and tax data through TTPS, user guides and other indicators on the dark web. Public Sector organizations rely on Flashpoint’s automated alerts and deep dives from RFIs to help identify, stop, and prosecute this activity.

Protecting K-12 students and personnel

Flashpoint’s K-12 risk management and security solution provides school boards and education security practitioners with the intelligence and tools they need to rapidly detect, prevent, and mitigate cyber and physical threats including ransomware and DDoS attacks, causing school systems to fall victim to data breaches and email compromise schemes.

Unique value for government customers

Safe access to large, curated collections of publicly available information

Cloud-based environment that is portable, scalable, and extensible

Intelligence that is vetted, proven, trusted, and evidentiary

Real-time and historical context available on-demand

Innovative solution ensures fast starts, quick turns backed by proven tradecraft and processes

Internally-developed tools to enable full oversight of intel. operations, ensuring the utmost rigor and adherence to DoJ guidelines

“Empowering the Public Sector with innovative solutions that protect our government customers is top of mind for Carahsoft. Our partnership with Flashpoint and our reseller partners help agencies lessen their threat exposure and gain visibility into threats posed by malicious attackers.”

Alex Whitworth, Sales Director at Carahsoft

Mission Support

Trusted Experts. Trusted Partners. Trusted Intelligence.

Our customer success and analyst teams act as an extension of your team and include experts from retail, financial services, law enforcement, government, and more. Our team has deep experience working in and with mission-critical government agencies — as a result, we understand the challenges you face, we speak your language, and we are committed to being your trusted partner. Flashpoint has become the trusted partner to intelligence experts across all three branches of the US government, multiple federal civilian and defense agencies, state and local institutions, law enforcement, and international governments.

All of Flashpoint’s activities are aligned with U.S. laws, reflect the guidance of law enforcement, and are compliant with US Department of Justice guidelines on data collection from illicit sources. Flashpoint is also GDPR, CCPA, and EU Privacy Shield compliant.

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